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5 Inclusive Beauty Brands

Have you heard of the #Pulluporshutchallenge that sprouted up after George Floyd’s murder? Started by Sharon Chuter, Founder of Uoma Beauty (@heysharonc), I have to admittedly say, I was there for the tea. Let’s break down what the campaign was and why Sharon’s leadership is one I admire immensely.

After the murder of George Floyd, many companies united to show their support for the Black community, mainly in the form of social media posts and donations. But Sharon took it one step further: she asked brands for transparency around their hiring statistics specifically Black employees at all levels.

And did that open up another conversation in beauty. Without naming the brands who could not pull up-- you can find them @pullupforchange—I was inspired by the ones that were leading the pack. I’m aware that these statistics do not tell us how Black employees are treated (Glassdoor reviews, anyone?) but it is a first step in this much needed conversation.

5 Brands that I admire for their products and their dedication to a more inclusive beauty industry. 

Brigeo Hair Care

Versed Skincare



Juvia’s Place

Let me know your recommendations! 

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