Years ago, I was looking for ways to be more sustainable in my everyday life. The easiest place to start was in my bathroom as a lover of all things beauty.

When I looked for eco-friendly reusables to replace my single-use products, I searched for brands making reusables ethically and responsibly.

And I couldn't find one. So I decided to create it myself.

As a first-generation daughter of a seamstress, I knew the intricacies of the textile industry. That's why my reusable bamboo products focus on transparent materials, ingredients & workplace. I spent a year testing different fabrics and questioning manufacturers on their sustainability practices.

I eventually launched our reusables to replace your single-use makeup wipes and cotton rounds– reusables made the right way.

This, though, is only where my vision begins.


Clean Circle was founded on one question: How can we champion diversity, sustainability, and culture through beauty?

I wanted to challenge beauty standards, the industry's environmental boundaries and pay homage to my heritage with product ingredients.
So I'm building a brand positioned at the intersection of tackling beauty waste and addressing the environmental impact on our skin.

I'm bringing all these values into my bathroom because the physical space is my mental space for reflections, thoughts, and self-love. It is my private moment, a time for my inner struggle or the beginning of my outer strength.

Every day I hope you find this time for yourself, a clean slate when you need it.

The Name Clean Circle®

The word 'Clean' has so many connotations in beauty. It can be an action, an adjective, or an adverb.

For us, clean means a restart. It's a feeling of contentment and well-being, similar to the arrival of a rainstorm in the summer heat, or splashing cold water on your face after a hard workout. Or simply taking off your makeup after a long, hard cry.

The word 'Circle' is the community we are building rooted in beauty equity. What's great about a circle is there are no odd corners or angles, and we show up as we are. We welcome everyone into our circle and no matter how many join, our circle just gets bigger and bigger without compromising the shape's integrity.

Two very ordinary words put together can create something very special.


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