Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine

6 Tips For A Sustainable Beauty Routine

Did you know that packaging and containers makes up 28% of generated wasted in 2018? Yup, 28%! This consists of the wrap for protect goods, including food, beverages, medications and cosmetic products. 
Beauty should be a place of well-being and joy, and we believe it is brands and consumers working together to reduce the amount of waste, and make homes more sustainable. 
Below are six simple, no cost tips to make your beauty regimen more eco-friendly. Some are new habits that we know we can achieve! 
  • Reduce the number of products you use. We love a great skincare routine but sometimes, too much of anything is harmful. And if you have too many products, chances are you aren't using everything while risk running into expiration dates.
  • If you're still leaving the faucet on, we need to talk! One of the easiest ways (and habit to change) is preserve water for our future. ⁠
  • Maybe you need to pop the serum pump out to throw away, and then recycle the outer plastic. Get informed on how to recycle EACH COMPONENT correctly. ⁠If that's too much work (we get it), there is the Credo x Terracycle Recycling Program to get familiar with. 
  • We love a new product but use it all before purchasing a new item, or give away whatever you're not using. Just make sure the packaging isn't compromised! Normalize upcycling skincare whenever you can. ⁠
  • There are lots of greenwashing in beauty (eh, biodegradable face wipes??!) so support brands that have sustainability goals! Hop onto their website to learn what they are trying to achieve as a company. We are currently offsetting carbon emission from shipping as a small brand. 
  • We believe that beauty is wellness. And wellness starts from feeling good. So go for a walk, get some fresh air, and make sure to put on SPF! ⁠

Hope this helped! Let us know what you think.


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