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Hello 👋🏼  Let me introduce myself! 

I’ve loved Beauty my entire life. My mother gave me my first clear lipstick at 5 years old and I’ve been hooked ever since. I even created my very own beauty brand with products at 13 years old for a school project. 

Through the years, I’ve always kept a pulse on the industry behind closed doors, watching YouTube videos, reading, and learning the in and outs. And after all these years, I am still in love! The artistry from #MUA to the newest science in skincare, I love it all. I love seeing womxn feel beautiful and empowered! When we are confident, we are unstoppable! 

The sad thing is that the beauty industry has lost sight of empowering us to making us feel deficient. Standards are unattainable, unrealistic, and downright dangerous. The lack of diversity is glaring and doesn’t represent who we are, our goals, and many times, our REAL lifestyle. 

I’m here to make real changes for us and our environment. I’ll share more about myself as time passes.


Thanks for being here. 

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